1. Some of my favorite shots/backgrounds so far for my upcoming short film, Amelia!


  2. Anonymous asked: Where can we watch this amelia you speak of?

    Hi there!  It’s not finished yet (it should be finished late April), but when it’s done, it will be up on my vimeo account, Here: http://vimeo.com/user10378082

    I’ll also post it up here on my tumblr!

  3. Here’s a preview for my new animated short film, Amelia, a fictionalization of events taking place after Amelia Earhart’s disappearance, set to be finished this April!

  4. Sorry I haven’t posted lately, it’s been a crazy month. Here’s some studies I did while on a trip in December.

  5. self portrait i kept forgetting to post.

  6. Have some Aang!  Anyone going to ALA in january?

  7. Did some drawings to figure out the hands for my film character this year. And also I just got a tutorial on how to use Illustrator, so I tried cleaning these up there.  I definitely have a lot to still figure out and get used to when it comes to that program, but it’s kind of fun!

  8. Started drawing and it turned into a Merida. 

  9. My boyfriend and I have gotten really into vintage halloween stuff lately, and he even started a really cool retro halloween themed blog called Retroween—So this is just a fun vintage witch pinup I drew for him. 

    Happy Halloween!


  10. Yea-uh!

    Just finished my first day as an intern at Cartoon Network!  I’m going to be helping out on Regular Show this semester!